Marketing Documents
Fund Profile February 29, 2020 (Series A) EN FR
Fund Profile February 29, 2020 (Series F) EN FR
The Case for Global Iman Fund Brochure

Annual Information Form May 30, 2019 EN FR
Simplified Prospectus May 30, 2019 EN FR
Fund Facts May 30, 2019 - Series A EN FR
Fund Facts May 30, 2019 - Series F EN FR
Financial Statements
Interim Financial Statements June 30, 2019 EN FR
Annual Financial Statements December 31, 2018 EN FR
Legal Endorsement (Fatwa)
Fatwa - Legal Endorsement January 8, 2020 EN
Management Report on Fund Performance (MRFP)
Interim MRFP June 30, 2019 EN FR
Annual MRFP December 31, 2018 EN FR
Proxy Voting
Global Iman Fund Proxy Voting Record - For International Stocks EN
Global Iman Fund Proxy Voting Record - For U.S. Stocks EN
Annual IRC Reports
IRC Annual Report to Security holders - December 31, 2018 for Global Iman Fund

Regulatory documents related to Legacy Education Savings Plan and Advanced Education Savings Plan may be found at

National Instrument 81-106 - Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure, which came into effect on June 1, 2005, requires disclosure of the proxy voting record on an annual basis for the period ending on June 30 of each year. The proxy voting record must be posted on the website no later than August 31 of each year.

National Instrument 81-106 provides that the manager of the investment funds (Global Growth Assets Inc. "GGAI"), acting on behalf of the investment funds, has the right and obligation to vote proxies relating to the investment fund's portfolio securities. As a practical matter, GGAI delegates this function to the applicable portfolio manager, as part of the portfolio manager's general management of the investment fund assets, subject to oversight by GGAI. GGAI generally requires that applicable portfolio managers vote all proxies in the best interest of GGAI's funds and their security holders, as determined solely by the portfolio manager and subject to GGAI's proxy voting policy, the guidelines applicable to the individual portfolio manager, and applicable legislation.

Historical documents can be located at


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